Issues in the 101st

Fighting for the Middle Class

The main reason I got into this race was to guarantee the middle class upbringing I had as the daughter of a Teamster is afforded to my family and yours. I'm proudly pro-union, and am committed to building opportunities in the 101st district for good paying jobs.

Agriculture and Responsible Conservation

As a proud alumna of the Southwestern Illinois FFA Chapter, I am dedicated to fighting for our farmers and families. We have to maintain adequate funding for core agricultural programs that protect farmers and consumers, look for ways to minimize agricultural impacts of new projects, and continue our responsible farming and conservation practices to protect our environment.

Education Funding Stability

For too long, Illinois schools have struggled to keep up with strained budgets. And we can't blame local governments for raising property taxes in the past to pay for our children's bright futures. Now, thanks to the education funding reform that passed in 2017, we are finally on the right path. As your next state representative, I will work diligently to ensure the state passes a balance budget every year to provide stable income for our students.

Fair Taxes & Budgets

Illinois is one of a few states that is constitutionally mandated to have a flat income tax. That worked in 1970 when it was written - when the typical CEO made 20 times the annual salary of his or her workers. Today, that same CEO now makes over 300 times more than an average worker's salary. This regressive tax system puts everyone at a disadvantage, but especially impacts our middle class families. By instituting a fair tax system, Illinois could increase our revenues to fund our education systems, repay our pension debts, and plan for infrastructure repairs.

Working Families Tax Credit

With the cost of living and housing skyrocketing in Illinois, a Working Families Tax Credit
puts cash into the pockets of hard-working Americans. It’s simple: If you work and you earn less than $75,000, you receive a cost of living boost of $1,200 a year, and if you have kids, you get more, up to $2,000. Caregivers and students also are eligible for this expansion of the state earned income tax credit. This Working Families Tax Credit will help working and middle class people face the rising cost of living and housing, with a leg up out of poverty or a cushion of financial stability.